House Dems who pushed to impeach Trump last year are backing down now that they won

Nearly a year after Texas Rep. Al Green forced a floor vote to move toward impeaching President Trump, House Democrats who pushed for and supported impeachment now say they have other avenues to build a case against the president, and are backing off of their former initiatives now that they will be the majority party in January.

Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen, who had introduced his own articles of impeachment last November, told BuzzFeed News on Thursday that he does “not presently” have plans to reintroduce them in the upcoming Congress.

“In the minority, you can message and get out what you believe. … but in the majority you can have the power of the gavel to have hearings to show that he’s committed impeachable offenses,” Cohen said. “I’ve considered it, and I’ve annotated [the legislation] to keep it up to date … but I think that the facts will bring more support for impeachment. We’ll see where things go.”