Foreign countries are increasingly using Trump as a foil -- or a punchline

The apparent trolling of Trump has extended to other allies. In June at the Group of Seven, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau presented Trump with a framed picture of a hotel Trump’s grandfather ran in Canada, which was reportedly a brothel. (Trump denies it was a brothel.)

Early in Trump’s presidency, Sweden’s deputy prime minister also appeared to have some fun at Trump’s expense by reenacting a photo of Trump signing a bill surrounded by white men. She was surrounded by only women, who stood in similar positions as the men in Trump’s photo. “We are a feminist government, which shows in this photo,” Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin said at the time. “Ultimately it is up to the observer to interpret the photo.”…

Trump has enjoyed being something of a bull in a china shop on the world stage. Whatever leaders think of him, they’ll be reluctant to run afoul of the leader of the world’s most powerful country. Often their approach, like that of politicians in Washington, is to tolerate Trump’s odd style, attacks and controversies. But, given that Trump is historically unpopular on the world stage, that also means neglecting a potentially powerful tool for use in domestic politics. They seem to be finding creative ways to make their points.

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