If socialists had their way, we'd have no borders and no security

If these self-described socialists had their way, we would have no immigration laws and our borders would be meaningless. The result would effectively erase our national boundaries and destroy the principles of law and order. Our state and local law enforcement system would lack the resources to effectively prevent terrorists and criminals from walking into our country to commit heinous crimes against our families. Put simply: without borders, there can be no security.

While the radical left might think their “Abolish ICE” slogan looks good on a bumper sticker or homemade sign, the real-world consequences of doing away with this law enforcement agency certainly doesn’t make sense to Kentucky families who value the importance of security at our borders. So instead of articulating the practical effects of their radical beliefs, they are attempting to intimidate public officials and to denigrate the integrity of our nation’s law enforcement officers. They stage ridiculous scenes to get media attention and advance their socialist propaganda. But we must remember that the policies they are proposing threaten every neighborhood in America.

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