The news media is in a time warp on the immigration assimilation debate

Last week, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly took a lot of media flak for suggesting that the majority of illegal immigrants are creating an assimilation problem while adding very little value to our workforce. Since then, the captain of Trump’s pom-pom squad, Tomi Lahren of Fox News, has been a target of the media for trying to carrying Kelly’s ball down the field, and, at times, fumbling it.

Usually, I am lukewarm on Kelly and have disdain for Lahren. In this case, however, the media is mostly wrong in their attacks on them, because the press appears to be rather conveniently living in a time warp.

To be clear, there is no doubt that what both Kelly and Lahren said is, at least in part, in contradiction to both the principles and the reality of the role in which immigrants have played in the building of this country. Both of them have even been mocked because some of their own ancestors seemed to live in contradiction to their current standards for immigrants.

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