The White House response to Rob Porter’s resignation is sickening

The domestic-violence accusations against Rob Porter are credible and despicable — and the White House’s attempts to diminish them are sickening.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the White House staff secretary was recently accused of domestic violence by two of his ex-wives. These weren’t just random, baseless accusations, as some detractors would have you believe. Colbie Holderness (his first wife) released a photo of a black eye she said Porter had given her, and Jennifer Willoughby (his second wife) obtained an order of protection against Porter from the police after he smashed through the glass of her front door when they were separated.

Porter eventually resigned last week, as he absolutely should have, but I’ve been disgusted to see how the White House has still not given up singing his praises. After Porter’s resignation, President Trump made the following comments: