Nunes memo exposes Obama's abuse of power

The Nunes FISA memo gives insight into a systematic abuse of power that started at the highest levels of the Obama administration. The memo does not endanger national security but rather exposes a national security threat, since the only proven Russian collusion that resulted in government action is that among the named FBI officials, the Clinton campaign, Fusion GPS and Russian intelligence.

The argument that the memo exposes classified information is specious, since nothing in the memo is classified. No sources and methods are exposed that are not already publicly known. And all these types of arguments distract from the central point of the abuse of power. This is hardly the only recent misuse of the FISA process.

The memo has troubling implications for special counsel Robert Mueller’s inquiry. We now see that a network of conspirators abused government power seeking to undermine the electoral process and, failing that, to sabotage a president in a process that is still ongoing. The Mueller probe to the extent it was based on such an effort is fruit of the poison tree and should be suspended immediately.