When Judge Napolitano speaks, why does President Trump listen?

The judge has privately told friends, albeit with appropriate skepticism, that Trump has mused about the possibility of nominating him to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Napolitano, who met with Trump during the post-election transition to advise on constitutional issues and Supreme Court prospects, wasn’t enthusiastic about Trump’s candidacy in 2016 (“the lesser of two evils,” and only a slight improvement on Hillary Clinton, he said). “I don’t think there’s a libertarian bone in Mrs. Clinton’s body,” he told Gillespie in a Reason TV interview, “and I don’t know of one in Donald Trump’s body.”

While the judge occasionally criticizes the president’s positions on the air, he does so diplomatically. In private, however, he is said to be scathing about Trump’s lack of policy knowledge, undisciplined brain, scattershot speaking style, and apparent aversion to reading.