ESPN host has had it with people claiming his network is dying

“Again, ‘you’re on a sinking ship. ESPN is dead.’ Define ‘dead’ for me. It’s crazy. I got a nice little deal here and it’s amazing, every couple of weeks the direct deposit is right there and I’m thankful and that’s going to continue so define ‘dead’ for me. The lights continue to be on and again, you can forecast the future and say there are challenges and there are. Decisions to be made and difficult obstacles to overcome and no smart person would refute that, but again, when you say ‘dead and doomed and it’s over,’ that’s just patently false.

And the other thing that nobody will ever answer is, would your life be better if you all these games that you get to see just didn’t exist. That you just didn’t have the place to see all of this. I understand why people just wanna be negative because that’s the world. And it’s only in this make believe space on the Internet. Not once in my whole life has anybody come up to me in an airport or at a game or at a bar or at a grocery store or at a restaurant or anywhere on earth, not once, and said to me, ‘ESPN sucks, you suck, your show sucks. I can’t stand you.’ Not one time. Never.”

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