Five things Trump did this week while you weren't looking

3. New Cuba sanctions
In June, Trump appeared before cheering supporters in Miami to announce a rollback of Obama’s opening to Cuba, saying that he was “canceling” the “one-sided” deal, imposing new travel restrictions on Americans visiting the island and cutting off transactions with companies connected to Cuba’s military, security and intelligence services. But for months afterward, the agencies responsible for implementing Trump’s directive — the Treasury, Commerce and State departments — were quiet.

Finally, on Wednesday, the agencies released rules announcing the policy changes. Americans can no longer visit Cuba individually for educational purposes — tourism is banned by law — and instead can do so only as part of a licensed group. The State Department also released a list of roughly 180 Cuban entities with which Americans and U.S. companies cannot conduct direct financial transactions, including multiple Cuban drink companies that trade experts said would be nearly impossible to enforce. Contracts signed before Thursday, when the new sanctions took effect, were grandfathered in, so hotel chains like Marriott won’t have to withdraw from agreements with entities on the State Department list.

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