"I was blind and complicit and just, like, did nothing"

“I accept I was blind and complicit and just, like, did nothing,” one former top New Republic editor, who asked to remain anonymous to speak candidly, told HuffPost. “There was a bully, and I was not standing up to the bully to protect people.”

But he added that there were men and women in the office who did not know what was going on. They all should have looked out for each other more. “It was kind of a collective failure. This sits heavily on me.”…

“I will tell you that the truth of the sort of reality of life at The New Republic was not what was represented on the masthead,” Lane said. “In other words, the editor was nominally the supervisor of Leon Wieseltier. But that was not reality, OK? I mean Leon had total autonomy as literary editor and a very close, almost brother-like relationship with the owner at the time, Marty Peretz, who, of course, was above both of us on the masthead and totally had complete untrammeled control of the magazine.”

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