This isn't Watergate. This isn't treason. And there's still no smoking gun.

These gaspingly reported revelations about the Trumps will make you furious if you want them to. They may make you squirm if you have suddenly decided that the unfettered operation of our intelligence services is extremely important now even if it used to be boring when Jeb Bush released 40-page white papers on the subject and you tweeted about turtles instead. They may confirm your belief that the Trumps are traitors. But none of this new information offers any actual direct evidence that President Trump knowingly or otherwise colluded or in any sense partnered with Vladimir Putin or the Russian government to secure his election as president of the United States.

And really: Is anything that we actually know today about Trump and Russia worse than what we knew last year about Hillary Clinton?

Here was a presidential candidate whose husband, a former president, runs an international pseudo-charity that keeps him on a never-ending series of private jet flights to an equally interminable number of luxury hotels in exotic locales — a gruesome neoliberal shakedown machine with metal tentacles sunk into the bank accounts of shady businessmen and tinpot dictators the whole world round. An infinite number of grasping conflict-of-interest stories could have been written about the Clinton Foundation, and many were. But they didn’t matter nearly as much as TRUMP AND RUSSIA.