Pizzagate nearly destroyed my restaurant

At that point, I was ready to close temporarily. The next day, the phone never stopped ringing–“When are you open? Are you open tonight?” Basically, the community said, “We’re coming. Open your doors.” From Sunday until Tuesday evening, I did everything I could to get security in order. And we opened. The way people came out to support us, it was incredible, an overwhelming sensation.

From that point on, though, I was fearful. I was still receiving death threats. I started wearing a hat and sunglasses to leave the house. And the security people were like, “Yeah. You’re in danger.”

In the days just before the gunman drove to Comet, he was texting with a friend and told him he’d been inspired by videos made by Alex Jones, the online con­spiracy theorist who runs Infowars. It’s one thing if rumors swirl on 4chan or Reddit. But Jones has an audience of millions. He has influenced other gunmen. We’re still figuring out our legal strategy, but we’re keeping our options open. I was heartened to see Jones retract his stories about us and apologize.