Joe Biden should announce right now that he's running in 2020

Imagine a scenario that is about to unfold. It is possible Republicans will pass health care legislation this week (or this summer). And if and when they do, all hell will break loose in the battle to frame the debate about winners and losers. Every individual with a concern, every politician with an agenda, and every special interest group with skin in the game is going to be grappling for the microphone. Leaving most Americans wondering what is real and who is right.

Amidst this firestorm, one man, Joe Biden, could stand up and give a speech that would be listened to. Why? Because he’s announced he’s running for president, which would give him higher standing. Because he’s suffered health-related tragedy with his family. And because he’s been around the block more than anyone, and frankly doesn’t need it, which means he would be a politician who might be, dare I say it, trusted.

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