Why hasn’t Trump actually nominated an FBI Director?

Attorney Christopher Wray is on deck to become the next director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, if the president ever gets around to nominating him.

President Donald Trump tweeted Wray was his pick on June 7, more than two weeks ago. A Senate Judiciary Committee spokesperson confirmed to The Daily Beast that the White House has not yet referred him to the Senate for confirmation, meaning he hasn’t been formally nominated.

It’s a delay that’s unusual, though not completely unheard-of. Experts on nominations said he probably was named prematurely because the White House was in a hurry to announce the FBI director–even though being named without being fully vetted puts the would-be director in an uncomfortable position.

“You usually don’t want to do it that way,” said Richard Painter, the ethics czar for George W. Bush’s White House. “If you make the announcement early, you take a risk.”

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