The London mosque killer attacked Muslims, but helped ISIS

Muslim-phobes and Islamists have much in common: both groups insist that Islam is a totalitarian political ideology at odds with liberal democracy, and that it is here to dominate. Both also insist that the two will inevitably clash. As a result, while one group often calls for Islam to be banned, the other calls to ban everything but Islam. Together, they form the negative and the positive of a bomb fuse.

Anti-Muslim extremism and Islamist extremists—with their regressive left apologists—exist in a kind of twisted symbiotic relationship whereby each props up the other, and both together create the optimal breeding ground for their respective ideologies to not only persist, but thrive. The desire to impose Islam and the desire to ban Islam are simply twin ideologies that, if left unchecked and unchallenged, have the potential ingredients to cause havoc.

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