Rush Limbaugh is destroying his legacy with his Trump sycophancy

You see, the number one rule of talk radio these days is that you can NOT displease the Trump Cult because then you will lose a very significant chunk of this audience not exactly known for their intellectual embrace of differing opinions and challenging information. But this sad reality is what makes Rush being forced to into figurative slavery by these elements so incredibly pathetic.

Rush Limbaugh has more money and fame than he could possibly ever know what to do with. It is baffling to me that, at this point, he even cares at all about pleasing the Trump Cult, or anyone for that matter. In fact, if Rush had simply stuck to his past principles and called out Trump consistently and vociferously his show would have instantly become the most compelling program in opinion broadcasting.

Yes, he would have lost audience, stations, and probably been surpassed by Hannity as the host with the largest radio audience, but his ultimate legacy would have actually been greatly enhanced. Heck, he even would have finally gotten some of the mainstream media love which has always eluded him.

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