Conservative MPs round on House of Commons speaker in row over Trump visit

The communities secretary, Sajid Javid, while being careful to not directly criticise Bercow, said on Tuesday that ministers did not agree with the Speaker’s view.

“Anyone who knows the Speaker will know that he speaks his mind. But he doesn’t speak for the government,” Javid told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“The government is very clear: President Trump is the leader of our most important ally, he’s elected fairly and squarely, and it’s manifestly in our national interests that we reach out to him and we work with him, and he visits us in the UK.”

John Whittingdale, the former culture secretary, said Bercow was seeking “as much publicity as possible” and should have instead talked privately to Theresa May.

Whittingdale told Sky News: “It was a performance, it was John Bercow playing to the gallery and I think it was damaging to the national interest. I think it is regrettable that he did it.”

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