For Democrats, obstructionism is the new patriotism

For six years, Democrats bleated about Republicans throwing sand in the gears of Congress, blocking an agenda that would have transformed America into a progressive utopia. If only President Barack Obama had been given free rein, the left argued, college would be free, cars would be electric, and Planned Parenthood would have offices within every Starbucks.

In October of last year, Obama took to the Huffington Post to shred Republicans for blocking him. “Republicans have long been resolved to defeat proposals I’ve put forward or supported,” Obama wrote, citing equal pay, immigration reform and tougher gun laws as proposals axed by the GOP.

Of course, all these positions also were held by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and the American public bought her a bus ticket back home to Chappaqua. In fact, Obama’s signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act, was rammed through without a single Republican vote when Democrats held both the House and Senate — and it provided congressional Republican majorities as far as the eye can see. (Perhaps Obama should be thankful Republicans blocked everything else he wanted to do — otherwise, Americans might have elected a turkey pot pie to keep Democrats out of the White House.)