The real goal of sexbots and artificial reproduction is making women obsolete

Here’s the scenario. A man wants the perfect woman, so he orders her, custom made, from Abyss Creations or one of their soon-to-be knock-off competitors. Specifically designed and manufactured to his precise specifications, she will arrive fully loaded, and ready to go, straight from the box.

At such time as he hears the ticking of his male biological clock, he buys some eggs— frozen fresh, straight from an Estonian egg harvesting facility—and sends them on to the lab along with his own seed. The lab grows the mix in an artificial womb, and when it’s ready, this Uber dad can take the newborn home to its artificial mommy.

Motherless children will never know what it’s like to have a bio-mom, and they will suckle the artificially engorged teats of the sex synth right next to their proud papas.

Once we have the technology to combine an artificial womb with a sex synth, women of the world, look out. Motherless children will be all the rage, and they’ll never know what they’re missing.