The #NeverTrump generation gap

Why is this? Well, the older Pro-Trumpers say the #NeverTrumpers are ignorant whipper-snappers still wet behind the ears and they ought to get off our lawns and do what their elders tell them to do. The younger #NeverTrumpers say the Pro-Trumpers are old fogies who aren’t hep to the jive and they ought to hit the road, Daddy-O, and let the young generation take over. (Or words to that effect. I’m never quite sure what young people are saying.)

But I think the truth is, at least in part, a little bit more complex. It lies in a remark Ben Shapiro — a young and very vocal opponent of Trump — made right after Trump was nominated. He said (I’m quoting from memory here, but this is the gist of it): If you think this is the last election ever, vote for Trump; if you think there’s a future in which the conservative movement can rebuild itself, then don’t.

Of course, for the young, there very much does seem to be a future in which the conservative movement can rebuild no matter what damage Hillary wreaks on the nation. For those of us who have graduated into the Sage class, this may not be the last election… but we can see the last election from here. For us, it will be harder to keep hope alive during a Hillary presidency.

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