Trump campaign says it barred Paul Nehlen from Wisconsin rally

“The Wisconsin GOP is doing everything they can to keep my name out of anywhere. They don’t want their own constituents to know that, that there’s an option out there. They want Speaker Ryan to be the only game in town. That’s how the Wisconsin machine works,” Nehlen told NBC News in an interview.

But a Wisconsin GOP staffer pushed back Nehlen’s comments, telling NBC News that the Wisconsin GOP staff at the rally were acting as volunteers, and only the Trump campaign had the discretion to decide who to bar from entering the rally. And Trump Campaign Communications Director Jason Miller said that it was the campaign’s decision to turn Nehlen away from the Green Bay rally.

“A Trump campaign representative was the person who turned away Mr. Nehlen, because he didn’t have a ticket for the event. I’m looking into the matter further. Our events are always open to the public if you’re a ticketed attendee,” Miller said in an interview.

In response, the Nehlen campaign produced copies of two tickets to the Green Bay rally they say they tried to use to get in to the event. Asked about the tickets, the Trump campaign reiterated that no ticket was presented at the door, without clearing up the discrepancy between the two.