"It was the worst we've ever been stabbed in the back by a Republican"

“The reason why conservatives are not going to be moved that much by this choice is because Mike Pence, when he had an opportunity to stand up for religious liberty, to mark himself in history, he didn’t do that,” said South Carolina-based Pastor Mike Gonzalez, who led evangelical outreach for Cruz in the state. He went on to add, “I’d never thought that of Mike, but when it came down to it, he crumbled under pressure. That, for many evangelical conservatives, has been something that is a red flag.”

In an interview in POLITICO’s Playbook earlier this week, conservative Iowa radio host Steve Deace, who helped Cruz win that state on the strength of support from the evangelical community, went a step further, declaring of Pence’s actions, “It was the worst we’ve ever been stabbed in the back by a Republican. It’s the worst I’ve ever seen.”

And conservative radio host Erick Erickson wrote this week, “Christian evangelicals, in particular, were disheartened that Pence threw them under the bus. The irony is that, as Trump’s vice presidential pick, some of those evangelicals most critical of Pence at the time will now come out and say how awesome he is. But during that fight there was real bitterness in the evangelical community that Pence clearly did not have the courage of his convictions.”