Did Bill Clinton unconsciously trip his wife on the road to the White House?

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton defaults to her familiar template as though on autopilot. She smiles and waves, tosses off something benign and turns the subject elsewhere. In the back of her mind, Clinton must be turning over a few choice words along with questions of her own: How could he? How dare he? It’s my turn, you blankety-blankety-blank-blank-blank.

It is, in fact, past her turn. And now it’s so close she can almost feel the whisper of air on her cheek as a uniformed Marine pulls open the door: Madame President. And, it just may be that Bill Clinton unconsciously can’t stand it. Invariably, he creates drama that brings the spotlight to him and brings trouble to his bride.

No ill may come of the Lynch encounter or of the FBI investigation. But even if Hillary Clinton’s record is cleared, there will always be a kernel of doubt about whether it was a clean deal. As it was in the beginning, it is now — and ever shall be?