Justin Bieber banned from performing in Argentina

Wow, this is shocking. Justin Bieber has just tweeted that his Purpose Tour is not allowed to stop in Argentina potentially due to an incident from 2013 where he disrespected the country’s flag during his concert and another time where he allegedly had a photographer assaulted. Yikes!

Justin Bieber isn’t going to Argentina anytime soon. The 22-year-old musician posted a series of tweets apologizing to his loyal Beliebers that he has been told he can’t come back to their country right now and that he hopes things change. We’re not exactly sure why but this comes on the heels of Justin tossing the country’s flag outside his car window in NYC on May 6 after a fan threw it at him.

Justin seems incredibly upset over the situation and claims that he would do anything to change the situation. But Justin has a long and tumultuous history with the country. In 2013 Justin got in trouble for allegedly having a bodyguard of his assault a photographer. An arrest warrant was issued at the time and then it was revoked. The photographer, Diego Pesoa, claims that he was beaten up — so scary. Although the warrant was dropped the charges still stand so perhaps this is why he’s not headed back? During that same trip Justin came under fire for throwing the country’s flag off the stage and allegedly sweeping the floor with it but you can watch the incident here and tell us for yourself. Meanwhile, Justin pulled up beside a group of young fans in NYC on May 6 and when one 15-year-old fan from Argentina threw a tiny Argentina flag into his SUV, Justin threw it out of the window and asked the fans, “Why would you do that?” It made total sense why Justin would be annoyed but clearly he didn’t realize it was the country’s flag. But by the looks of Justin’s tweets, he’s obviously very upset he can’t make a stop in Argentina.