GOP battle: Whose accomplishment is bigger?

A new front in the Republican primary battle broke out Thursday when two recently-signed surrogates for Marco Rubio — former rival Rick Santorum and GOP Sen. Pat Toomey — didn’t exactly knock it out of the park when asked to name Rubio’s accomplishments.

The episode began on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” when host Joe Scarborough, a former U.S. representative from Florida, described fellow Floridian Rubio as an “empty suit” and “a guy that has been marketed like a bag of potato chips.”

Scarborough asked Santorum, who just last night withdrew from the Republican race and endorsed Rubio, “What do you list as Marco Rubio’s top accomplishment that made you decide to endorse him?”

“I would just say that here’s a guy who’s been able to, number one, win a tough election in Florida and pull people together from a variety of different spots,” Santorum said. “This is a guy who can work together with people.”