Six moments that could haunt Hillary

4) Guns: Gun control has become a defining cause for Clinton in the wake of more horrific mass shootings that have resonated on the campaign trail. It’s an issue that animates the Democratic base and provides Clinton with an issue where she’s actually succeeded in pushing Bernie Sanders to the left. She’s highlighted the issue in a campaign ad and even at a rally deep in the gun-toting red state of Texas.

Her campaign says it expects no blowback from her positions to close the gun show loophole and to support an assault weapons ban, citing polls that show the majority of the country is now in line with those positions. But Clinton has gone further on guns than any presidential candidate has been willing to do in the past – in 2008, she pitched herself as a duck hunter, and a staunch protector of the 2nd Amendment who even accused her rival Barack Obama of being too weak on gun rights. Gun ownership restrictions are sometimes a third rail issue for Democrats so if her move to the left on the issue doesn’t come with a backlash in a general election, it will mark a paradigm shift.

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