Thousands of Iraqi Christians flee as ISIS massacres 2,000, blasts Baghdad with car bombs

Idrees Silo, an Arab Yazidi who escaped a mass execution by IS militants last year after hiding under the dead body of his neighbor, shared his story of survival with The Christian Post.

“They sent an Imam who was very educated and spoke very well to tell us about why we should convert to Islam. He gave us three days to accept. When we refused, the next day a bulldozer entered our village followed by about 60 Islamic State fighters in trucks and cars. They divided us into two main groups and took all the men to an open area where a group of IS fighters with machine guns shouted Islamic slogans and shot all of us.

“I survived under the dead body of my neighbor until I was able to crawl out and find someone to help me from an Arab village near by after they left,” he told CP.

Other refugee survivors shared horrifying stories of women and children being buried alive. Iraqi Human Rights Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani confirmed the government has photographic evidence of IS’ terror attack, according to the Telegraph.

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