Are Ron Paul’s hardcore stands a problem for Rand’s presidential bid?

Rand Paul’s solution is Rand Paul: a new president, with the right ideas and the guts to make the system work.

“All is not well in America. America is adrift. Something is clearly wrong,” Paul said in his downbeat response to President Obama’s upbeat State of the Union address last week. “America needs many things, but what America desperately needs is new leadership.”

Ron Paul’s solution, it appears, is to invite more calamity so that Americans are forced realize that the system is broken.

“Sanity will not return to U.S. leaders until our financial system collapses — an event for which they are feverishly working,” he wrote in an online column this month. The same column included predictions of greater inner-city strife, increased casualties among American armed forces overseas, and a dangerous escalation of tensions with Russia. “Before we can actually restore our liberties, we most likely will have to become a lot less free and much poorer,” he wrote.

Those opposing worldviews — one looking up, the other looking for rock bottom — have led the two Pauls to enunciate sharply different outlooks on American politics.