Confessions of a disillusioned Democrat

Most disheartening, though, is the Democrats’ weak commitment to a strong defense and maintaining America’s place in the world as the only superpower. All I see is an American foreign policy led by a Democratic administration that is floundering when it comes to things like dealing with Iraq, Russia and Syria, inept when it comes to crises like Benghazi, and weak at the knees when it comes to protecting our strongest Middle Eastern ally, Israel.

I guess a big part of the reason I’m a Democrat has to do with who I am. I grew up idolizing the larger-than-life-personas I’ve encountered over the years in music, sports, movies and business. Which, of course, explains my fondness for “The Old Man,” as we affectionately called Frank Sinatra. I grew up believing that all of the rock-star personas were Democrats — no bigger star in the world than Kennedy. Lyndon Johnson had a Texas swagger that got things done, and Ed Koch could host “Saturday Night Live” as well as any other politician.

In politics today, where are today’s larger-than-life figures, ready to inspire the next generation of public servants to “ask not what your country can do for you …”?

When I met President Reagan, I felt inspired. I want to feel inspired again. Like Reagan, I think the time has come for me to leave the party I’ve been a member of my entire life — not because I want to leave it, but because it has already left me.