Exclusive: Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi chapter

While saying that as a former senator she respects the “oversight role that Congress is meant to play,” Clinton later adds, “Many of these same people are a broken record about unanswered questions. But there is a difference between unanswered questions and unlistened to answers.”

Clinton defends the intelligence at the time preceding the attack on the American compound in Libya. An anti-Islamic video that had sparked a protest at an embassy in Cairo was proven in “later investigation and reporting,” including by the New York Times, to have been “indeed a factor” in what happened in Benghazi, Clinton writes.

That point is among those that has been debated during hearings into the attacks.

“There were scores of attackers that night, almost certainly with differing motives,” she writes. “It is inaccurate to state that every single one of them was influenced by this hateful video. It is equally inaccurate to state that none of them were. Both assertions defy not only the evidence but logic as well.”

Clinton addresses lingering questions about how military assets were deployed to try to rescue personnel at the under-siege compound, writing that Obama “gave the order to do whatever was necessary to support our people in Libya.

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