Republicans quietly talk about skipping next budget

House Republicans are quietly discussing the option of not writing a budget in 2014, a maneuver that would free up time on the legislative calendar and protect GOP lawmakers from a potentially damaging vote in an election year. …

“There are folks in the Republican Conference who don’t want to pass a budget this year,” said Rep. Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina, who disapproves of the idea. Asked to explain his colleagues’ reasoning, Mulvaney mimicked: “We’ve already got a 302A number; why do we need a budget? Ryan-Murray set a number; why would we need to have a budget?”

A senior House GOP leadership aide confirmed there is a push coming from “political types” for House Republicans not to get engaged with a budget this year for fiscal 2015.

“Yes, there’s been some of that,” the aide said. The staffer identified some of those instigating such talk as people at the National Republican Campaign Committee. But he said he believed it is not getting much “traction” among House GOP leaders or members.

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