Would you buy an amnesty from these people?

Let’s assume you think amnesty is a good idea now. Let’s assume you support the Schumer-Rubio bill’s complex new legal immigration system which would double annual admissions from 1 million a year to 2 million. Still, do you really there’s any chance this bunch won’t screw it up? They’ll need to set up an application process for millions of people. They’ve pledged thorough background checks on 11 or 12 million illegal aliens, despite the fact that the crush of numbers from in the much smaller administrative DREAM amnesty has already caused the bureaucrats to cut corners on security. They’ll have to make sure these people pay their various fees and fines, remain employed, and follow all the other requirements in the proposed law. Not to mention setting up a new bureaucracy to run new and expanded guestworker programs and reorganize the many interlocking categories of permanent immigration.

Even if you trusted the Obama administration’s sincerity to faithfully carry out such a law (I don’t), does anyone honestly think they’re capable of it? And when the amnesty.gov website fails, as you know it will, will they tell the truth about it, or spin lies while just approving all applicants and hoping someone sorts it out later?

Obama said he could successfully carry out a vast health care reform. We now know (well, we always knew) that’s wrong. He’s now telling us he can successfully carry out a vast immigration reform. In the immortal words of Montgomery Scott, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

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