Reince Priebus: How about a Republican convention in mid-June or July?

Priebus: We can do quite a bit. What i would personally want to do is I would set a beginning date, maybe January 1, and then I would set a new end date for the primary season, maybe the end of April, no later than mid-May. And if you have your convention in mid-June, the end of July, just doing that, Bob, is pretty unprecedented. If you can get an April 30 or mid-May end date, you have shortened the primary season and compacted it a little. Under the rule-making process of the national republican committee, there’s one power we do have. We can control the method by which delegates are awarded and how they’re divvied up by states and state legislatures. So of course we’re going to need states to cooperate. this is not going to be done without state parties being on board. But there are lots of options out there. One is, after your carve-out states are done, one option was to divide the country in quarters and do a regional rotating primary, do a different region every two to three weeks. That can be complicated, but that’s one of the options that’s out there. If by just setting an end date to the primary and just by moving the convention up, just by moving the convention, Bob, are you automatically — you’re automatically shortening the primary process itself.