Romney's strategy: Trump Obama's likability with competence

Romney “may never be able to close that gap [on likability],” according to GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak.

“But if you asked me whether I would rather be trailing on the economy or trailing on likability — well, it’s not even a close choice,” he said. “And that’s where Romney is right now.”

“Let’s face it, the question is not Mitt versus Barack,” said Rep. Frank Lucas (R-Okla.), who predicted voters would throw Obama out of office because of his policies…

Romney’s wife, Ann, could help him close the gap with Obama.

GOP consultant Rick Wilson asserted that Ann Romney’s recent response to a Democratic strategist who said she had “never worked a day in her life” had “put the president’s entire team on defense for four solid days.” Wilson added that, more generally, “once people get to know the Romney family, they really like them.”

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