Obama's best hope for reelection is the Supreme Court striking down ObamaCare

Consider an announcement from the Supreme Court next May or June that a 5-4 majority, including the four liberals and Anthony Kennedy, has upheld the ACA. What happens? The administration breathes a sigh of relief. But who actually celebrates? Not many people. Liberals are generally ambivalent about the act and always have been.

Meanwhile, who is infuriated? Millions of conservatives. “Obamacare” becomes a hot-button issue all over again. If you think conservatives can’t get any angrier than they already are, well, you and I have been watching very different conservative moments these last few years. They can always find something new to get mad about. And a court-imposed “socialistic” outcome, forced on decent, freedom-loving Americans by four liberals and that sodomy-endorsing Kennedy, is a pretty big something.

There are multimillionaires and billionaires out there who will throw money at independent expenditure campaigns focused on health care: elect a president and a Congress who will finally rid us of this pestilence once and for all. “Repeal Obamacare” becomes a rallying cry all over again. I’ve heard people I respect say they don’t think it would be such a big deal, that the campaign at that point will be about jobs and the economy. Well, maybe. But as I recall, Republicans weren’t especially shy about advertising the alleged job- and economy-killing aspects of the ACA. Not to mention the Medicare cost-cutting elements, which as we know were a prominent feature of last year’s GOP campaigns.

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