Is Palin for gay rights?

Another hint at Palin’s pro-gay stance came from Rebecca Mansour, her top aide when she tweeted that Palin’s views on gay marriage were the same as President Obama’s, one of the few times the Palin team has ever pointed out the similarities in their policies.

So why doesn’t she just come out and say it? Dujan says it will cause a “firestorm” because of the gay community’s opposition to her. He lives in the gay neighborhood in Chicago known as “Boystown” and says he has gotten into arguments with people there that can’t stand her. He believes they want to paint Palin as the next Anita Bryant, but he thinks it isn’t working.

“She’s not giving them ammunition to do it and there’s nothing factually for them to base it on,” Dujan said. “They are trying to cast her in that part like it’s a big Broadway show.”

There’s also the worry that she would be committing political suicide if she were to come straight out in support of gay rights.