Newest Beltway career: Blogger outreach!

Not only is the blogosphere changing how voters consume information, it’s also creating new jobs in politics, policy and online communications consulting. Although there is still no formal job description for “blogger relations” staffers, these part communications, part research, part online political organizing specialists are a growing industry in the political world…

Michelle Malkin, a conservative blogger and author, credited staff at The Heritage Foundation, minority staff at the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Senate Judiciary Committee and House Homeland Security Committee and staff in the offices of Rep. John Boehner and Sen. Tom Coburn with excellent blogger management.

“There are some staffers who make the mistake of spamming bloggers with press releases that are not blogworthy,” said Malkin. “What distinguishes the good outreach is having information that hasn’t already gone out to POLITICO, the wires and everybody else. They understand the power of the collective conservative blogosphere and target not just the highest-traffic bloggers but also the second- and third-tier bloggers.”