Yale's suppression of Mohammed cartoons even shadier than thought

1) The story in the Times implied that in its appeal to experts the University and/or the YUP was exercising normal caution. But in fact, Professor Klausen’s book had already been throughly vetted. Readers’ reports — including two from Muslim scholars — were unanimously enthusiastic. The only Muslim member of the House of Lords, Baroness Kishwer Falker, enthusiastically endorsed the book. The book had also been vetted by YUP’s legal counsel and passed muster. The YUP’s publications committee unanimously and enthusiastically recommended the book for publication. So why call in another “two dozen authorities” on the veritable eve of publication?

Another detail: 2) Professor Blair told me that she was contacted not by the YUP but by the “Office of the President of Yale University.” She spoke with an assistant to President Richard C. Levin. Professor Blair declined to speculate about the significance of that fact. I will not be so chary.