Atheists feeling the Hopenchange

Last week, the Secular Coalition for America, an atheist advocacy group, held its first-ever individual face-to-face with the White House. Ron Millar, the coalition’s acting director, told POLITICO that he met with Paul Montero, Obama’s religious liaison in the White House Office of Public Engagement.

Obama “is opening a little door to include us in, which we are very appreciative of,” says Millar, who says he anticipates a number of additional such meetings with the administration.

Among the concerns Millar says he touched on was proselytizing in the U.S. military: “That is something we really want to follow up with this administration, because we have not seen much there.”…

“The one important thing to recognize,” says Harris, “is [Obama] is just so much better than the last guy in the Oval Office that everyone is feeling so much relief for whatever change he is bringing that they are inclined not to gripe too much about all the delusion stuff he may be paying lip service to or holding over from the previous administration.”

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