House Dem: These ignorant Ben Carson supporters certainly do remind me of a lynch mob

I’m a few days late to this story, but wanted to highlight it anyway, for two reasons. First, it represents just the latest example of the uniquely shrill and vitriolic abuse the Left heaps upon conservatives of color and their supporters:

Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia says supporters of former surgeon and potential Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson are ignorant people who “have been whipped into a frenzy, like a lynch mob.” The congressman, who is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, was speaking on The Michael Smerconish Show on Friday when he made the comments. “Yeah, I think Barack Obama has been one of the greatest presidents that we have had in the history of this nation,” said Johnson. “It’s unfortunate that — since he raised his hand and took the oath in his first inauguration — that [Obama’s] been met with nothing but opposition, and confrontation, and actual, personal dehumanization.” “And so what we’re seeing with — so I support the president, I believe he’s done as much as is humanly possible to advance the cause of justice and prosperity and freedom for all people, not just blacks, and not just here in America, but across the world. I think he has changed the paradigm of American foreign policy.” Johnson singled out Dr. Ben Carson as an example of what he called “African Americans trying to tap into that vein of ignorance,” against the president.

Ah yes, the tried and true “unprecedented opposition” canard.  Click through for my destruction of that groundless, racially-motivated talking point.

Congressman Johnson’s lynch mob comparison is beneath contempt, so Jim Antle appropriately unleashes the snark:

Second, Johnson’s imagery here strikes me more as sub-moronic rambling than anything that’s genuinely insulting, which makes perfect sense. Lest you’d forgotten, this is the guy who’s decided to attack others’ alleged “ignorance:”

After that video went viral in 2010, Johnson claimed that he was speaking in metaphors, and that people just didn’t appreciate his dry sense of humor. Sure.

Editor’s note: As of this writing, the island of Guam remains right side up.

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