Video: Victims slam Obama's "phony scandals" talking point

Bruce covered part of this story earlier, but it merits a second spin — with must-see video included.  Kudos to the production staff at Fox’s Your World with Neil Cavuto for lining up a powerful segment to refute the administration’s latest smarmy narrative; namely, that the various concurrent scandals in Washington are “phony,” and are rudely distracting from The One’s super-important recycled speeches tour.  Guest host Stuart Varney opened the program with a pair of blockbuster interviews, embedded below.  If the Left can confer Absolute Moral Authority status upon the likes of Sandra Fluke, conservatives sure as hell ought to acquaint the American public with women like Becky Gerritson and Patricia Smith:

Every time I see Smith on television, my mood inevitably swings from heartbroken to enraged.  This woman is the opposite of a political operative.  She doesn’t doll herself up for the cameras.  Her eyes dart around the studio as she speaks.  She’s not prepared with any smooth or rehearsed one-liners.  She’s simply an un-polished, grief-stricken mother looking for answers about her’s son’s murder, and her treatment by the Obama administration has been nothing short of shameful.  Yours truly had the unenviable task of immediately following Smith on the show.  I don’t generally do the whole “angry pundit” thing, but it’s almost impossible not to come out spitting bullets on a topic like this.  The administration’s “fake scandals” sneering isn’t just broadly insulting to the public’s collective intelligence — large majorities take all three issues quite seriously — it’s personally insulting to victims like Gerritson and Smith.  As for the “phony” stories themselves, here’s where they stand at the moment:

IRS – Congressional Democrats’ attempts at misdirection and false equivalency have fallen flat, prompting Elijah Cummings and company to resort to attacks on the Inspector General himself.  As more disturbing strands shake loose, the agency’s initial lies have been thoroughly debunked by sworn testimony.  The White House at first parroted the IRS’ claim that the improper targeting and abuse of conservative organizations was the work of rogue “line” employees based in Cincinnati.  We now know that the targeting program was run out of — and in some cases micromanaged by — Washington, DC.  The paper trail leads (so far) all the way up to the IRS chief counsel’s office, which is led by an Obama appointee.  That appointee, incidentally, is a long-time Democratic donor who logged a lengthy White House visit just two days prior to agency brass implementing new targeting methods.  We’ve also learned that top Treasury Department officials became aware of the brewing controversy several months before the 2012 election, and that Jay Carney has changed his story roughly half-a-dozen times regarding how and when the White House first found out about everything.  Oh, and one of the senior officials at the heart of the scandal has refused to testify before Congress, invoking her constitutional right against self-incrimination. Phony.

Benghazi – We still don’t know why the administration repeatedly denied urgent requests for enhanced security measures on the ground in Libya during the months preceding the attack, especially with conditions in Benghazi severely deteriorating.  Nor do we know exactly what the chain of command looked like during the seven-hour raid, and who ultimately made the final call not to nix any potential rescue mission — even as ex-SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were under siege and begging for help.  Where, precisely, was the Commander-in-Chief as the horror played out?  And we still aren’t entirely clear on which elements of the State Department’s “building leadership” applied political pressure to rewrite history in the immediate aftermath of the massacre, leading to the creation of those infamous and genuinely phony talking points.  We do know, however, that the lone administration-approved lesson to be drawn from Benghazi hasn’t been learned at all, and that several key eyewitnesses to the attacks have been muzzled with non-disclosure agreements.  Also, we’ve identified and located several of the terrorists responsible for sacking our consulate, but haven’t touched them for ideological and political reasonsPhony.

DOJ – Remember when the Justice Department engaged in “unprecedented” snooping on Associated Press reporters and editors as part of a over-broad and heavy-handed leak investigation?  And how their motives turned out to be highly suspect?   And do you recall when DOJ went judge-shopping in order to secure approval of an Eric Holder-vetted warrant that treated Fox News correspondent James Rosen as a criminal co-conspirator for committing journalism in America?  And when Holder arguably lied about it under oath?  How about when Eric Holder was tasked with investigating Eric Holder, then attempted to smooth things over with the press by hosting off-the-record “listening sessions” in his office?  I do.  Well, good news:  Holder is imposing some new guidelines on himself, so problem solved!  Phony.

But never mind all that unpleasantness.  Focus on the president’s endless words, even if you’ve heard them before — over and over and over again.