Let's Get Ready To Rafah

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With apologies to Michael Buffer, the boss fight against Hamas is apparently imminent, despite the entire Biden Administration's attempt to stop it and throw the towel in from the corner to save Hamas from annihilation. 

Since the October 7th massacre carried out all over Southern Israel by Iranian-backed Hamas Nazis, the emergency war cabinet that convened in Israel came up with the plan to deal with Hamas once and for all, from north to south, in the Gaza Strip. It was always going to culminate in Rafah, the southernmost city in Gaza, bordering Egypt. 

It is believed that at the height of its military power, Hamas leadership had command and control over 24 battalions of terrorists in their ranks, with each battalion constituting roughly a thousand of these inhumane monsters. As of late March, 18 of the 24 battalions had been dispatched. Remnants have scattered and disbursed, but there are about four battalions that have retreated to Rafah, and are literally Hamas' last stand. Israel, to accomplish their mission not just to weaken Hamas, but destroy it and keep it from becoming a security threat in the near or intermediate future, they have to go into Rafah. Enter Joe Biden and the antisemitic wing of the Democratic Party.


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Hamas' senior commander, Yahya Sinwar, is believed to be holed up somewhere in Rafah, and has held onto hope that if enough pressure is put on the American president, that pressure would flow downhill to Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israelis, and eventually, a ceasefire would be forced upon them. Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan certainly did their part. We're going to make changes to our relationship with Israel, they threatened. "Don't," is what Biden told Iran, except they ignored it and launched hundreds of rockets, missiles and drones unsuccessfully at Israel. "Don't," is what Biden told Netanyahu and the Israelis when contemplating a response back to Iran, resulting in the unveiling of a long-range missile that evaded the Russian S-300 air defense system giving Tehran a false sense of security. 

And "Don't" is what Team Biden have consistently been telling Israel as Rafah became the next logical and necessary step in their methodical trip through the entire Gaza Strip. The House and Senate just passed an aid package that included more resources to Israel. Biden signed it, because even with all the veiled threats in order to appease the antisemites whose vote he's courting, he couldn't veto sending that money to Israel. The political price from Jewish-Americans would be too high. Regardless, the mixed signals coming out of Washington had no input at all on whether Israel would continue the mission or not. From the Times of Israel Thursday:

The Israel Defense Forces has conducted all necessary preparations to take Gaza’s southernmost city of Rafah and can launch an operation the moment it gets government approval, a senior Israeli defense official said Wednesday.

Israel deems Rafah the last Hamas bastion in the Gaza Strip and is poised to evacuate Palestinian civilians from there and assault Hamas holdouts, the unnamed official told the Reuters news agency, which didn’t specify whether the source was connected to the IDF.

A spokesperson for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government told the agency that Israel was “moving ahead” with a ground operation, but gave no timeline.

We've all witnessed the disgusting protests at Columbia, Yale, USC, UT-Austin, NYU, and dozens of other campuses across the country. It shocks the conscience to see so many ignorant people gathered in support of murderers, rapists, kidnappers, and genocidal maniacs. It's mind-numbingly stupid to believe that protesting at a college until that institution of learning frees itself from any Jew entanglement, student, faculty member, or relationship with our ally in the Middle East is going to accomplish their goal of a ceasefire and/or the end of the Jewish state entirely. The protests, we have learned from Steven Stalinsky in the Wall Street Journal this week, are not organic in nature. Ultimately, it's being funded and fomented by Iran. 

Six months after the attack on Israel, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis and others aren’t merely cheering those protesting in the streets. They are working with and grooming activists in the U.S. and the West, through meetings, online interviews and podcasts. 

Haytham Abdo, a PFLP representative, highlighted this cooperation in a Jan. 31 interview with Brian Becker, national coordinator of the Answer Coalition, a hard-left antiwar umbrella group. Mr. Abdo said this is the “first time” there has been such a “massive demonstration” of support in the U.S. Claiming that more than 50% of young Americans are now pro-Palestinian, he said, “We see that the Biden, or the American, administration, now, [is] affected by this transformation in the U.S. people.”

Iran and its proxies cannot succeed in turning a chunk of the country against Israel on its own, however. They need useful idiots here to fall for it, hook, line, and sinker. Here are four example. First, a non-celebrity useful idiot from New York University:

I'm especially thrilled to see the ring through her septum. It makes it so much easier for antisemites to have a physical handle by which to lead her astray. You could also be a useful idiot, celebrity edition. Here's Susan Sarandon Hamas rape denialism. 

Remember the old days during the Bret Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings when 30-year- old rape allegations that had no evidence were supposed to be believed solely because a woman made the claim? Good times.

We know what happened in Israel. We saw the bloody clothes. We've heard interviews by women who actually were raped while being held hostage by these modern day Nazis. We've heard Hamas terrorists record admissions of their actions proudly because it was being done to Jews. That doesn't fit Susan's narrative, so she's convinced herself it didn't happen.

There are the Legislative Branch useful idiots like Nancy Pelosi:

Of course, by all means, let's accept the propaganda by the terrorists on the casualty numbers, because every bit of their actions up to this point demonstrate trust and veracity in their body count.

And there's the Executive Branch useful idiot. Ladies and gentlemen, President Joe Biden. 

And it wasn't just this week. Joe Biden has been awful on Israel long before the polling came out of Michigan, too. Remember this horrible idea about sending the military to build a pier that stops just short of the shoreline in Gaza so that we wouldn't have any boots on the ground, and all of this humanitarian aid would magically float to those who need it among Palestinian civilians?

It was a stupendously stupid idea, and one that didn't take a lot of foresight to see that it might be somewhat problematic to build and implement. How's the construction project going, you ask? I24 News out of Israel has the details

Gazan terrorists fired mortar shells on Wednesday towards the construction work on the humanitarian pier being built off the coast of Gaza.

i24NEWS has learned that several pieces of American engineering equipment were damaged in the attack. In addition, one person was slightly injured while running to a protected area. The United States has been building the floating pier in order to channel additional humanitarian aid that would arrive via sea route. 

U.S. President Joe Biden announced the plan during his State of the Union address in early March, clarifying that there would be "no U.S. boots on the ground."

Spectacular. Truly. Now as a bonus, all of these people couldn't be as ignorant or willfully duplicitous without regime media being just as bad on the subject, yet willing to row their oars in the same direction, because they're in the same political boat. Here's Erin Burnett interviewing House Speaker Mike Johnson Wednesday night after getting booed for appearing on Columbia's campus along with a handful of Republicans to call out what needed calling out. Burnett's big question? What's so antisemitic about chanting Free Palestine? 

I know she's technically in the news business, but she does work for CNN, so perhaps she might have missed out on some of these signs seen in the tent encampments on campuses:

We are Hamas. 

Death to America.

al-Qassam, you make us proud, kill another soldier now!

Kill all Zionists.

Yehudim (Jews), go back to Poland (where the concentration camps were).

The stream of antisemitic filth flows like the river to the sea, another commonly heard phrase from the newly-minted Free University of Palestine. Yet Erin Burnett can't seem to understand what all the fuss is about trying to stop these poor kids from being good humanists and standing up for their oppressed brethren in Gaza.

Karen Finney, the former press secretary for Hillary Clinton's failed 2016 presidential campaign, offered up this criticism of Speaker Johnson speaking truth at Columbia Wednesday morning. 


No, the gas on the fire of antisemitism is Joe Biden's failed two-state solution - trying to pretend to support Israel while simultaneously appeasing antisemitism from his own base without calling it out in a Sister Souljah moment. Gas on the fire is what Iran and its proxies are doing to jump start these protests in the first place. 

The fire is the dumpster that will be the Democratic Convention in Chicago in just a few months. The gas that's on this fire will be caused by a large chunk of the Democratic base. Before you argue with me that these people are opportunists and anarchists, not Democrats, let me stop you right there. 100% of Joe Biden's policy towards the Middle East have been reactionary in nature in order to make a play for their votes. Joe Biden believes the antisemites are Democratic voters, or potential Democratic voters that have to be converted to motivated Biden voters after a turnout effort. The Democratic Party will not cast them out like dead weight. Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman remains the only national Democrat who calls out the antisemitism in the Democrats' midst. 

Rafah is coming. Nothing can stop it. The train wreck at the convention is also coming. Nothing or no one seems to be able to stop that, either.  

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