Poll: Americans still generally confused about ObamaCare

The headlining ObamaCare-related numbers from the latest edition of the Kaiser Family Foundation’s August tracking poll are the law’s continuing lack of popularity, holding fairly steady with about 42 percent of Americans holding an unfavorable opinion and 37 percent having a favorable one, and yet the lack of support for the defund-ObamaCare movement. A full 57 percent would disapprove of defunding the law, including about 1 in 3 Republicans, with just 36 percent approving of the idea (although, 44 percent still aren’t even sure if ObamaCare is/remains law, so… yeah).

Demonstrative of the Obama administration’s personal challenge, however, is that a majority of Americans remain confused about ObamaCare and how it is going to impact them, courtesy of the WSJ:

Two big numbers to think about today: There are 33 days until open-enrollment season for insurance coverage under the new health law begins, and 51% of Americans say they don’t understand how it will affect them or their family, according to the latest tracking poll from the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation.

That proportion is higher among the uninsured, the mid-August poll found. Some 62% of the uninsured say they don’t have enough information about the health law, which aims to extend coverage to millions of them through new insurance marketplaces and subsidies towards the cost of premiums.

These numbers have been relatively steady over time. That represents a big challenge to the Obama administration on the eve of the Oct. 1 launch of the president’s signature domestic initiative, especially since more than four in 10 Americans are still uncertain whether the law passed in 2010 is actually in place.

This is one of the biggest endeavors for the Obama administration, because getting the law off the ground means getting people to begin participating on the double — and it doesn’t sound like all of the time and money they’ve diverted toward ‘explaining’ the law to people and getting the word out are having much effect, with barely a month to go until kickoff. Perhaps the worst tidbit for them from this section of the poll, 62 percent of adults ages 18 — 25 remain confused about the law, and they need to get young, healthy people in their 30’s and younger with relatively few health care costs to balance out the more expensive insurance pools into which they’re being shuffled. That’s why so much of the administration’s outreach and advertising efforts have been focused on young people, and probably the reason we’ll be seeing more things like this in short order: