Bolling, Kelly on Rutgers' coach: "Wussification of America" or over-the-top?

For some quick followup to Allahpundit’s obligatory post, the firing of Rutgers’ basketball coach Mike Rice was one of the topics du jour among the chattering classes the past couple of days. Several of the MSNBCers today were shocked, appalled, and aghast, not merely by the coach’s — er, intensity? — but by Fox host Eric Bolling’s characterization of the incident as evidence of the “wussification of American men.” Bolling took a turn on Megyn Kelly’s show this afternoon to defend his comments, and they got into it a bit panel — so what do you think? Sure, maybe this went kind of over-the-top, but peeps needs to calm down and toughen up? Or a too much of a traumatizing, “degrading,” and “humiliating” attitude for any coach to have?

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Jazz Shaw 5:01 PM on March 22, 2023