Coulter: Jim Carrey is just the latest in an epidemic of rich elites telling everybody else what to do

There’s been no shortage of refutations of Jim Carrey’s now-infamous Funny or Die video on Monday, and rightfully so; I’m still mystified as to what it was they were attempting to accomplish with the vid, if their thought process even stretched that far. It failed to present any substantive arguments on lawful gun ownership’s effects on gun violence or kids’ safety, nor was there any effective social satire, and, well… it really just wasn’t funny. Sophomoric, at best. Coulter, I think, summed up the real gist of the video in the first half of her Hannity segment last night: Once again, this is about out-of-touch liberal elites descending from on high to direct the other half how to live, while they they can afford to hire armed bodyguards and live in the best neighborhoods. Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s new gun-control advertisements couldn’t even manage to follow the cardinal rules of gun safety while proselytizing about responsibility, and gun-control advocates are trying to re-brand themselves as merely “gun-safety” advocates? Really?

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