Rubio: Obama "doesn't have the guts" to just say he's not a 2nd-Amendment guy

Whether or not President Obama’s big display of “doing something” will have any real teeth to it — his proposals of reinstating an “assault weapons” ban and imposing a 10-capacity limit on magazines are nothing more than recycled ideas that have hardly a snowball’s chance in hell of making it through Congress, not to mention the boundless evidence of their impotence at actually curbing violence — but what was on full display on Wednesday was President Obama’s prevailing attitude about the second amendment and gun-rights advocates.

President Obama conspicuously avoided the term “gun control” during his speech on Wednesday, but certainly threw “common sense” around a lot and didn’t neglect to heavily disparage the gun lobby. All of this denigrating of the NRA’s motives, as if it isn’t a huge and voluntary organization through which millions of Americans have taken gun safety and concealed weapons classes (which has an effective and direct impact in preventing and deterring would-be crime, by the way) and as if they somehow don’t give a fig about children’s safety and just stubbornly want to keep Americans well-armed for the oh-so-uncivilized sake of it, is telling. What’s more, as much as President Obama says he wholeheartedly approves of our “rich hunting and sport shooting traditions,” that fundamentally misses what the Second Amendment is really about.

The tells weren’t lost on Sen. Rubio, who pointed out on O’Reilly last night that he thinks President Obama just doesn’t have the guts to come out with his true beliefs about gun control. Real talk: