Open thread: Army-Navy, a game of honor

I generally have to count myself out of all of the weekend football talk that goes on around here — I’m ashamed to confess, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to stats, teams, rules, etc; it’s just not my thing — but if there’s one sports-related thing I do know how to do well, it’s football games. Tailgating, team spirit, excessive displays of patriotism? Now we’re speaking my language!

I’ll be in Philadelphia this afternoon for the 113th edition of one of America’s oldest, most storied rivalries, dating back to 1890. The Army-Navy game is my absolute favorite football event of the year: The uniforms, the flyovers, the anthems, the traditions, the shenanigans, the military community at large; it’s all in celebration and respect of the fact that, while the midshipmen and the cadets have a lot of fun in keeping the competition intense with pranking and smack-talking one another, all of these young men and women are going straight to military service upon graduation. They may be all-in-good fun rivals, but they are also brothers-at-arms in the defense and protection of the United States of America.

Navy has now beaten Army for ten consecutive years running (and Navy has had the better football campaign this season with seven wins, while Army is two-and-nine), but it’ll certainly be a fun game to watch — airing starts on CBS at 3 o’clock.

Now, I love and respect all of the branches of the United States equally, but, due to a long family history, I may-or-may-not be a bit biased… and, I just have to say…


(This is from last year, but awesome:)


(And one of the best things about the Army-Navy rivalry? Spirit spots!)