Pelosi: Of course I support giving Obama "unilateral control" to hike the debt ceiling

Of course she does, didn’t even have to think about it — because who even cares about a silly ol’ self-imposed restriction like a ‘debt ceiling,’ anyway?

During a press conference today, House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi signaled that she supported “unilateral control” for the President over the country’s debt limit.

“Do you support President Obama having the power to unilaterally increase the debt limit as Secretary Geithner proposed?” asked a reporter.

“Yes.” Pelosi answered shortly.

Enough with these misdirecting “debt ceiling” excuses already. I understand what liberals and Obama administrators mean when they say it’s irresponsible to gamble with our debt ceiling and risk a credit downgrade, because what the market looks for is a reliable, long-term security that the national balance sheet will eventually get to a stable place. But, with that in mind, they conveniently forget to mention that what is infinitely more irresponsible is that we have even gotten to the point of having to gamble with our debt ceiling. Our debt, not the debt ceiling, is the primary issue — and it’s an issue about which Democrats don’t really concern themselves, as if just spending into infinity poses no real problem. I mean, sure, it’d be great to prevent future debt-ceiling crises, so how’s about we actually try and reduce our debt?

The proposed negotiation package Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner presented yesterday included an end to the debt limit, which Republicans categorically laughed off. How long can this madness go on?