Scott Brown ad in MA: Vote for the person, not the party

The Senate race in Massachusetts between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren has certainly been one of the more dramatic of the election season (Fauxcahontas, hem hem), and while the polls have generally tended to indicate a lean towards Warren, the race is still squarely in the toss-up category. There comes a time in every campaign, however, when you finally have to settle on defining your overarching closeout message, and it looks like Brown is buttoning up the fight with the pretty classic Massachusetts-y message in this all-positive 60-second ad spot.

A heavy emphasis on bipartisanship and moderation, on voting independently and examining individual issues, on putting people and ideas ahead of party loyalty (and, implicitly, steering clear of party “extremism”)… which all makes sense when the Democratic opponent who appears to be slightly hedging you is the progressive-tax-lovin’ ‘woman of the people’ who put together the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau à la Dodd-Frank, the damaging regulatory bombshell rivaled only by ObamaCare in size and scope. The mind reels.

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