And Donald Trump's "major announcement" is...

Like Allahpundit, I was wondering if we were in for some kind of last-minute, all-in Birther redux — but turns out it’s nothing so discomfort-inducing as that, nor is it even about anything that would carry such unpredictable ramifications as youthful drug-dealing or divorce papers. Just more of a quid-pro-quo proposal, really:

How this is supposed to amount to something “gigantic” rivaling game-changer status, I can’t say. Somehow, I’m not convinced Team Obama (who, I might add, apparently feel that the “we’ll quit picking on Romney if he’ll release just five years of tax returns!” deal they were pedaling earlier this cycle was just so much more legitimate) will be moved by the offer, but here’s a terrible exit joke for ya’: Do you think they’d be more tempted if Trump had offered to immediately donate $5 million to Obama’s campaign? Heh, I jest. Sort of.

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